Our Story

Long lines. Waiting on hold. Boring products. A sale the day after you order. Clerks pushing products for commission. A broken item thrown into a box.

Somewhere along the way, shopping became more about them than you. It stopped being special.

At Josué Perez Hair, our focus is to make you feel special.

When shopping with us, you’ll find:

  • Curated global brands: We source exceptional products from all over the world for you.
  • Expert advice: Our makeup artists will help you figure out what works best for you.
  • Personal service: We package your order with care. If there’s a mistake, we’ll fix it right away.
  • We look forward to your next order with us.


Life at Josué Perez Hair

Josué Perez Hair is a small team of fiercely dedicated people headquartered near Phoenix, AZ We work together across teams to tell our brand stories while striving to deliver the Josué Perez Hair signature experience for our customers.

“At Josué Perez Hair we’re bringing back personal attention. It’s exciting to combine artistry, technology and an understanding of individual needs to craft a memorable experience for each customer.”
—David Basquez, Co-founder

“We love working with customers, not just to assist with order issues, but to bond over our shared love of beauty products. It’s rewarding to have the ability to make someone’s day, and even creating friendships along the way!”
—Sandra Eastman, Customer Service

“We really pride ourselves in bringing brands to Josué Perez Hair that are artistry driven and the talk of the industry. We want both the artist and the enthusiast to be able to find everything they could possibly need here!”
—Elizabeth Lankford Merchandising